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Courtyard Coffeeshop and Garden

There is not a cloud in the sky and the Algarve is shimmering in the bright sunshine - all you would like to do is to find a quiet shady oasis to sit and relax with a cooling drink or something light to eat - well the Courtyard is exactly this. The sounds of distant village bustle, the regular chime of church bells and running water from the koi pond waterfall is all you will hear while you relax under the shade of the olive, lemon and loquat trees.

Interior Courtyard

Working Hours

The Courtyard is only open to Eleven guests for breakfast
between 8:00am and 10:00am

It is open to all other guests till early evening - depending on the season

Exterior Courtyard

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Our full menu offering is here



Whilst we pride ourselves on our coffee and cakes,
we offer a large range of beverages including
wine and spirits in addition to a light menu.

Wine Eleven

Tel: +44 7800 659 952
[email protected]
Rua Dr. Juiz João Gomes Paulo, 19,
8100-070 Boliqueime, Portugal